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Graduate Student Spotlight: Cheyene Horner

CSU Campus

Cheyene Horner is a first-year Clinical Psychology M.A. student in the Mood Emotion and Regulation (MER) Lab, studying under Dr. Ilya Yaroslavsky. She also serves as a research assistant in the Aging Cognition and Emotion (ACE) Lab with Dr. Eric Allard. Cheyene is interested in emotion regulation difficulties those with borderline personality disorder (BPD) experience. Recently, her work was accepted to be presented at the North American Society for the Study of Personality Disorders which will be held this April in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Her results showed that sympathetic arousal (measured via pupillometry) during a frustration task predicted self-harm tendencies in individuals with BPD symptom profiles that were mediated by maladaptive emotion regulation. Cheyene is excited to continue working with eye-tracking as a means for examining affective arousal in those with BPD as well as to continue working in both the MER and ACE Lab. 

Cheyene Horner



Written by: Leah Mercedes Sprock,

Master of Arts In Clinical Psychology, Current Student