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Make the most of your graduate school experience and go beyond the classroom by joining a student organization.


Graduate & Professional Student Association

The mission and purpose of the Graduate & Professional Student Association (GPSA) is to serve as a liaison for all CSU graduate students, to provide CSU graduate students with an on-campus social and professional network and to promote the interests of graduate students in all disciplines in a fair and equitable way.

General meetings are open to all Cleveland State University master's, doctoral and law students from all Colleges and programs. Students in their final year of undergraduate studies and newly admitted students are also invited to join.

Membership and involvement looks great on a resume, plus there's no charge to join. GPSA offers leadership roles in event planning, membership and recruitment, social media and more.

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Did You Know?

Our 85-acre campus is in the heart of downtown Cleveland.

Join a Student Organization

As a graduate student, you will have no shortage of time commitments  – classes, research projects, family, work, etc. Yet, there is no better time to join a student organization.

Professional Networking

Joining your academic program’s professional organization can connect you to a local and national group of like-minded professionals building relationships with your peers and organization leaders keeping you connected to career advancement opportunities beyond graduation.

Connection to the University

While you earn your degree, you'll also have countless opportunities to pursue your favorite activities, refine your leadership skills and build lifelong friendships. Joining a student organization outside of your academic discipline can diversify your grad school experience

Connection to the City

Graduate student organizations are not the only source for fun and networking. Our student organizations have a long-standing tradition of giving back to the local community.

Explore all of our professional graduate student organizations.

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Photo of Brittany Carbaugh
Brittany Carbaugh

As the president of the GPSA, I believe school, like life, is what you make of it. I have viewed my graduate career as professional development and, as such, enjoy getting involved and giving back to the campus. For others who may feel similarly, GPSA is an established platform from which you can grow and give back. I encourage anyone to get involved. Graduate school can be isolating and lonely, unless you choose to find a community to belong to, and I believe GPSA is the perfect organization to serve as that community.