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Innovation — It’s All Happening in Cleveland

Cleveland State University is more than physically connected to the City of Cleveland. Through a wide variety of partnerships with Fortune 500 companies, government agencies like NASA, educational institutions and the Cleveland Clinic, one of the nation’s best hospital systems, CSU is integrally involved with leading the continued growth and revitalization of Northeast Ohio.

Investing in the creative, economic and civic vitality of the city is at the core of what Cleveland State University does. We are an anchor institution that takes pride in the diverse ways that we engage with the City of Cleveland. From medical and technology innovation to public policy, CSU is at the heart of Northeast Ohio with a footprint that goes beyond the city limits.

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Only 9.3% of adults in the U.S. have a master's degree, while 20% of jobs require one.

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Engaged Learning in Practice

Cleveland Clinic Partnership

For nearly 50 years, Cleveland State University and Cleveland Clinic’s Lerner Research Institute have partnered to enhance medical and science education while helping to advance discovery in numerous disciplines. Cleveland Clinic is universally recognized as one of the best medical centers in the world. Our partnership provides graduate students with one-of-a-kind engaged learning experiences and opportunities to be mentored by some of the top scientists in their fields.

CSU and Cleveland Clinic offer joint Ph.D. programs in Regulatory Biology, Bio-Analytical Chemistry, Applied Biomedical Engineering and a concentration in Molecular Medicine. Graduates of these programs can be found in key scientific and administrative positions at some of the world’s most prestigious health care centers.

Groundbreaking Health Innovations

Cleveland State University’s Center for Gene Regulation in Health and Disease (GRHD) is the home for modern biomedical research with a mission to understand the underlying causes of many human diseases and develop treatments based on the molecular mechanisms discovered.

This research has significant potential to improve our understanding of the mechanisms and specific molecules that control reproductive health, the aging process and treatment of the most common diseases found around the world, including heart disease, neurological disease, infectious disease and cancer.

Throughout its history, GRHD faculty have mentored more than 150 graduate students in our laboratories, and many students have gone on to pursue their careers and/or further their education at some of the top universities and institutions in the country, including Harvard, Stanford and Columbia universities, as well as the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Scripps Research Institute, Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute and many others.


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