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Graduate Student Spotlight: Evan Basting

Campus Winter

Evan Basting is a first-year Clinical Psychology M.A. student in the HEART Lab, studying under Dr. Liz Goncy. Evan had the opportunity to serve as a co-author to Dr. Goncy, alongside Cleveland State alum, Courtney Dunn on a manuscript, “A meta-analysis linking parent-to-child aggression and dating abuse during adolescence and young adulthood.” The article has been accepted to the journal Trauma, Violence, and Abuse. The meta-analysis examined the global effect of parent-to-child aggression on dating abuse among adolescents and young adults. The results showed a small-to-medium effect size between experiencing parent-to-child aggression and later dating abuse both during adolescence and young adulthood. Additionally, it’s important to note that the study didn’t find a difference between parental aggressor (i.e. mother vs. father). The findings from this study are helpful in informing future research practices, prevention and intervention efforts, and treatment practices.





Edited by: Leah Mercedes Sprock,

Master of Arts In Clinical Psychology, Current Student