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Graduate Student Spotlight: Kushagra Sawhney

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Kushagra Sawhney is a graduate student in the Master of Computer and Information Science program in the Monte Ahuja College of Business. This semester Kushagra is working on an independent study with Dr. Timothy J. Arndt. The aim of this experiential learning course is to master Tableau software, a critical skill in data visualization and analytics. Kushagra is working toward developing worksheets using Tableau software that will be used to improve an organization’s overall outcomes and profitability. Further, the independent study has allowed Kushagra the opportunity to cultivate his data visualization skills through things like heat maps, box and whisker charts, and scatter plots. Kushagra intends to use the experiences from his independent study in future endeavors, wishing to pursue a career in business intelligence.

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Edited by: Leah Mercedes Sprock

Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology, Current Student