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Graduate Student Spotlight: Lucas Hamilton

L. Hamilton presenting

Lucas Hamilton is a graduate student in the Adult Development & Aging Doctor of Philosophy Program, studying under Dr. Eric Allard in the ACE (Aging, Cognition, and Emotion) Lab. Lucas will be presenting findings from research he conducted with Dr. Allard at the Cognitive Aging Conference in Atlanta, Georgia in April 2020. They examined age differences in the recall and regulation of negative life events. Although previous research suggest that older individuals may have difficulty regulating their emotions, ACE Lab findings suggest that both older and younger adults effectively manage their emotional responses. However, these age groups may use different tactics to do so.

Lucas and Dr. Allard are currently working to publish this new data in the journal Aging & Mental Health. Further, a separate paper on this project was published in the journal Experimental Aging Research which can be found here. Lucas intends to extend this research through his dissertation which will focus on how people of all ages experience mixed emotions during various life events and in the laboratory.







Edited by: Leah Mercedes Sprock

Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology, Current Student