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grad school fair
Oct 16, 2019
Preparing to Attend a Grad School Fair
Sep 30, 2019
Grad School Advice: Who to Ask for Letters of Recommendation
Photo of Cleveland State graduate students meeting with a professor
Apr 3, 2019
Graduate School vs. Undergraduate: 5 Key Differences
Graduate school offers a very different environment than what you experienced at the undergraduate level. Here are five key differences between the two.
Photo of students discussing a graduate project
Mar 21, 2019
Five Advantages of Graduate School
On the fence about attending graduate school? We share a few reasons why you should take the next step.
Photo of Cleveland's outdoor Public Square
Mar 21, 2019
Cleveland Cultural Institutions
When you come to Cleveland State University, not just the campus, but the entire City of Cleveland is your school. Take advantage of the many cultural offerings that are part of this city on the rise.